Coordinator project

Coordination and administration of the priority programme "Design and Generic Principles of Self-healing Materials" (SPP 1568)

Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

One of their most outstanding properties of biological materials is the ability of self-healing and regeneration of function upon the infliction of damage by external mechanical loads. Man-made materials generally do not have this healing ability. Self-healing materials certainly offer enormous possibilities, in particular for applications where long term reliability in poorly accessible areas is required. However, up to now only few strategies exist for the development of self-healing materials, and those which exist are focused on only one material class and one type of application. The SPP 1568 has the goal to concentrate the existing experimental and theoretical competences in Germany (including selected partners from neighbouring countries), to open the door to new concepts for the design of self-healing materials as well as for understanding the generic, material-independent principles. In order to develop the SPP 1568 into an internationally visible and successful priority programme with long-lasting impact, a number of central activities are planned. This includes the organisation of workshops and an international conference. Moreover, a web-page maintained, a central server will be operated, the promotion of young researcher and the support for female researchers will be organised.